The task for ChangeRoomOne was to develop a detailed brief and design a centre for sustainable change on a triangular site on city road. A main challenge for the centre would broaching boundaries between university and community. The studio’s focus was on developing a rigorous and refined architectural language that defined design decisions across all scales addressing program, circulation, urban response and architectural expression in a consistent way.

Approach -
Social change is essential before the necessary environmental change can be realised, ChangeRoomOne should foster community building and knowledge expansion. It is a public building that provides everyday amenity for local community and university students, useful
resources and workspace for research, formal and informal learning, and flexible venues for functions, lectures conferences and exhibition.

Generous public spaces and circulation paths increase the potential for incidental interaction and exchange. Privileged spaces are found on, or immediately off, circulation paths and in areas of high visibility as estuaries where interchange can occur. Legible ESD strategies such as shading fins, planted double skin cavity, recycled materials and expressed water collection and reuse, promote environmental sustainability.

Urban Response -
Access paths respond to existing tripartite addresses and USYD 2020 plans creating a Public
Plaza and Sheltered Courtyard. The exhibition building presents a face to city road which acts simultaneously as a billboard and buffer. Proposed sheltered, green pedestrian boulevard
as a respite from City Road.

Architectural Expression -
Articulation of the parts such that a Skin provides enclosure, Planes define space and the Structure is a skeleton within. Overlapping of skin and plane sliding past one another creates layers of material expression and transparency.